Privacy Policy

The privacy of each and every visitor of this website is also included in our commitment to provide exceptional service apart from providing people with world class products and health supplements. The following guidelines have therefore been put into place and are practiced by all of our team and partners.

There website will collect some information in regards with the visitors which is as follows:

  • Your orders and all the information that has been provided by you, subscription to the newsletters by you, in regards with any of the promotional or content related requirements, or any data that has been collected for the purpose of testing fitness supplements.
  • Any information that has been collected by this website and which we consider to be not entirely necessary will be marked as optional in the website that you may choose to provide or ignore.
  • We take help of cookies to provide you with a superior browsing experience as many other websites do and therefore they are auto enables which also help in tracing the total count of visits to our website.

How is the information that has been collected used?

There are two ways in which the collected information about the visitors is used up.

  • To provide you with a better browsing experience every time you visit our website.
  • To reduce the reaction time in case of any appeal that we may have received from any of our visitors.

The primary reason for collecting the information regarding the website visitors remains to better customize and optimize your experience with this particular website. There is no situation or condition in which we will be staring this information about you to any third part business or organization without taking the necessary permissions from you in a legal way.

Our safety parameters for this website include:

  • A completely secure gateway
  • Limited access provided to our stored information
  • A well-insulated and secure database

Because of the sensitive nature of the information that is provided to us by the website we ensure that we only store the important non-financial information.

External links

Because of the nature of the business and as it is a common practice our website does feature some links to external web pages and websites. That would also mean that we and our team isn’t liable to provide you with the same privacy there since they have their own administrators and may have a different policy than ours. Please also check the privacy policy of other websites that you may visit by clicking links here and exercise discretion in providing personal information.

Policy update

We are constantly trying to upgrade your browsing experience and the level of protection we may provide to you. Therefore the visitors will be notified of any update in this matter by a highlighted notification that will appear on the website homepage.